Rejoice for The New Pope Has Blessed Us With This Photo of Shirtless Communion Snack Jude Law

Photo: Ciao Pix/BACKGRID

The Young Pope is dead, and The New Pope has risen. Jude Law was paparazzied while filming scenes in his underwear on the beach for Paolo Sorrentino and HBO’s mysterious follow-up series to The Young Pope called The New Pope, which stars Jude Law (potentially as his character from the original, this is unclear) and John Malkovich (who has not been photographed filming scenes in underwear on a beach, yet). The point is: TV’s most meme’d show, which is also a very good drama about Catholicism and that whole rigmarole, etc. has its meme power undiminished. Just stare deeply at this photo of Jude Law on a beach looking hot under some volleyballs for some reason. I mean, wow. I mean, daddy (or, I guess, pater?). I mean, Michelangelo wishes. I mean, Gloria in Excelsis dayum. I mean, revive large-scale fresco painting just for this.

Rejoice, The New Pope Has Given Us This Photo of Jude Law