Sugar Is Actually Good for You, According to Richard Kind in a Bear Suit

We here at Vulture are big fans of anything involving Richard Kind singing, so imagine our excitement when we found out that in the latest episode of TruTV’s At Home With Amy Sedaris, Kind gets a very special guest role as a man singing about the amazing health benefits of sugar while … dressed in a bear suit. Specifically the bear suit of longtime sugar-brand mascot Sugar Grizz, best known for his trademark catchphrase, “Where ya hidin’ that sugar at?!” We’re even treated to a vintage Sugar Grizz commercial, which includes such legendary Sugar Grizz song lyrics as “Doctors say it’s not nutritious / But our legal team says that’s fictitious! Why would I lie?” So go ahead and dump a cup of sugar in your coffee today — it’s the Sugar Grizz way.

Sugar Is Healthy, According to Richard Kind in a Bear Suit