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Rihanna Acknowledges Guava Island [Checks Calendar] 5 Days Later

Photo: Rihanna/Instagram

Five days after Childish Gambino premiered his music film Guava Island at Coachella, his co-star Rihanna has finally acknowledged its existence. “Wow!” she wrote on Instagram Wednesday night. (Again, five days later.) “The response to #GuavaIsland has been quite overwhelming. So happy you guys felt the beauty in this film! Childish Gambino you are a true gem to the culture. I’m so proud of you and the work you put into making this film. I felt how close this was to you and your entire team!”

In Guava Island, Rihanna plays Kofi Novia, girlfriend of Gambino’s character Deni Maroon. As Kofi, Rihanna very memorably says that Deni would never be able to write a song as beautiful as her. (Although a certain star of The Aviator might like to try!) See Rihanna’s full, five-day-late Instagram below:

Rihanna Acknowledges Guava Island 5 Days Later