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Luke Perry Would Give KJ Apa’s Parents Weekly Updates About Their Son, Just Because

As tributes and fond memories about Luke Perry continue to crop up in the weeks following his death, his television son, KJ Apa, might have shared the loveliest one of them all. As Apa recalled on The Tonight Show, his parents back home in New Zealand were often out of the loop of all things Riverdale thanks to those pesky time zones — but Perry made sure that wouldn’t be the case. “We had a really close relationship. He would call my parents every week and keep them updated of how I’m doing,” Apa said. “If I had a cold or something, he’d be like, I took some Gatorade to his apartment the other day. Him and my dad were always texting each other. He always made such a huge effort from the very beginning. I wish I could be like that.” Yeah, us too.

Luke Perry Would Call KJ Apa’s Parents Each Week to Check In