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Seth Rogen Kept Stormy Daniels’s Secret All These Years Because He Didn’t Care

Of all the people who could’ve corroborated Stormy Daniels’s affair with Donald Trump, Seth Rogen was a third-act twist of a witness, as he revealed last year that the porn star had spilled the intel when they were filming Knocked Up in 2007. Now, though, Rogen is admitting he didn’t care too much about the big reveal at the time, owing to his belief that it just…totally made sense. “When a porn star tells you they had sex with Donald Trump, it was the least interesting thing you heard that day,” he explained on Graham Norton. “It was the most expected information you could ever expect to hear. It wasn’t interesting to me!” Also, Rogen praised Daniels’s hiring as one of the film’s strippers: “Very early in our careers, we realized if you needed someone to be naked in a movie, you should hire a porn star, because it’s the easiest thing they did that week. She doesn’t have to put anything in her.”

Seth Rogen Kept Stormy Daniels’s Secret All These Years