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The Loudest Voice Trailer: Russell Crowe’s Roger Ailes Makeup Is Neither Fair Nor Balanced

Russell Crowe is Roger Ailes in Showtime’s miniseries The Loudest Voice, and he’s waging a war. Whatever happened to fairness, balance, and the power to harass your co-workers unchecked? In the show — based on the Ailes biography by former New York writer Gabriel Sherman — Ailes grumbles and hollers and grasps his way to media domination. Alongside him are Gretchen Carlson (Naomi Watts); his wife, Elizabeth Ailes (Sienna Miller); former head of Fox News’ public relations Brian Lewis (Seth MacFarlane); and Fox News booker Laurie Luhn (Annabelle Wallis). Per Showtime: “In today’s politically charged media landscape, no figure looms larger, even after his passing, than Roger Ailes, molding Fox News into a force that irrevocably changed the conversation about the highest levels of government.” Watch the premiere on Sunday, June 30.

Russell Crowe Is Mad As Hell As Showtime’s Roger Ailes