SNL Presents ‘Cheques,’ the Most Dramatic Payment Method Ever

One of the highlights of Sandra Oh’s Saturday Night Live hosting debut over the weekend came in the form of a pretaped sketch written by Julio Torres and Bowen Yang, in which we’re introduced to the most dramatic way to pay for something ever: “cheques.” Sure, you could use a more convenient payment method, but as the sketch argues, “there’s nothing like furiously scribbling on a piece of paper, tearing it, flicking your wrist, and saying, ‘I trust this will suffice.’” Whether you need to pay someone for “making him leave your daughter,” “hushing Mildred,” or “buying poison,” checks will be there for you — just remember to add the dash after the amount on them, “or God knows how many zeroes they’ll add.”

SNL Presents ‘Cheques,’ the Most Dramatic Payment Method