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SNL Thinks Joe Biden’s Apology Had a ‘Premium, Adults Only Snapchat’ Vibe

After putting Joe Biden through some ill-fated sensitivity training earlier in the show, SNL couldn’t help but bring up his touchy-feely tendencies once again on Weekend Update. But Colin Jost didn’t home in on Biden’s divisive behavior — rather, let’s chat about the apology video he blasted on social media. Jost, a noted auteur, has problems with it! “It was suppose to be an apology, not a reenactment,” he explained. “Also, the look of the video is just so weird. Why is it shot vertically? It looks like something from a premium, adults only Snapchat. And of course, nothing puts women at ease like a man on a leather couch who’s already taken off his tie.” What’s even worse than Snapchat, you may ask? “You might as well end the video by unbuttoning his shirt,” Jost added, “and saying, To find out what happens next, log onto GoDaddy dot com.” Oh god, we’ll stick with the adults only Snapchat.

SNL Thinks Biden’s Apology Had ‘Adults Only Snapchat’ Vibe