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Tim Heidecker Wants All Your Terrible Saturday Night Live Puns

Tim Heidecker on Office Hours. Photo: Tim Heidecker/YouTube

If you’re a fan of Saturday Night Live and excruciating puns, Tim Heidecker has created a new Twitter craze that’s right down your alley. During last week’s episode of his podcast Office Hours, Heidecker, Vic Berger, Doug Lussenhop, and guest Fred Armisen devoted a chunk of time to coming up with a bunch of SNL-themed puns. Examples include this gem from Lussenhop: “Did you guys know that the director of the Rush Hour franchise is indeed in the director’s union? Yeah, he is indeed a guilded Ratner.” Or when Armisen tells the guys about a new, edgy art installation he saw recently: “There’s a great piece there, it’s very controversial. It’s Christ in Wig. It’s confrontational, which I like.” Here’s the full Office Hours clip:

But the puns didn’t stop there. Office Hours fans have been tweeting their own SNL puns at Heidecker over the past few days, and they range from very good to impressively bad.

Heidecker, Lussenhop, and Berger are still sharing and retweeting SNL puns today, so it looks like this new trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We certainly Lovitz way of bringing both Office Hours and SNL fans together.

Update, April 9: The #SNLPuns challenge has now attracted some celebrities, including SNL alum Robert Smigel as Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, H. Jon Benjamin, and Workaholics alum Blake Anderson:

SNL cast member Beck Bennett even responded to Heidecker’s pun about him:

Here’s hoping this “beautiful and dangerous virus” never ends.

Tim Heidecker Wants All Your Terrible SNL Puns