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Steve Martin Demands the Guest Perks He Paid for, Seth Meyers

Steve Martin was a guest on last night’s episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers, but as the above clip from his interview shows, he’s not the kind of late-night guest who gets the usual plebeian experience. No, when it comes to Late Night, Martin is a holder of the show’s super-exclusive Platinum Preferred Guest card, which makes him eligible for the Late Night Platinum Guest Experience. Unfortunately, Martin didn’t check in properly when he first got to the show, so his interview is briefly interrupted while he heads to the Late Night concierge to get the problem cleared up. After that’s fixed, Martin is finally given access to all the Platinum Preferred perks he paid for, including a luxury recliner, specialty cocktail, and interview questions he’s pre-written for Meyers to ask, like “What do you say to people who think you’re consistently funnier and more talented than Martin Short?”

Check out some more clips from Meyers and Martin’s interview below, where they chat about Martin’s Roger Stone impression on SNL and meeting Martin Short for the very first time on the set of Three Amigos.

Steve Martin Demands the Guest Perks He Paid for, Seth