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What Do the Chickens in Sunglasses Even Mean, Taylor?

Taylor Swift has been releasing images every day teasing that something will happen April 26. Until today, it’s seemed like a new album is in the offing. But after Swift posted a picture of baby chicks in sunglasses, all bets are off. What do the chickens mean, Taylor? What is even going on? Every other image you’ve posted has belonged on the same mood board, a pastel Rookie Mag–esque collection of heart-shaped jewelry and bike-wheel spokes. But what’s with the chickens? Why does someone have that many paintings of chicks, and why did someone Photoshop sunglasses on them? Even the Swifty who had to suspend activity on her fan account when she was imprisoned for not serving in the Israeli army is at a loss.

Some Theories On What the Chickens Mean

—The farmyard imagery hints that this new album will be a return to country.

—Only about a quarter of each painting is shown, signifying a fractured self-image. Taylor is the chick in sunglasses who cannot hold onto herself.

—Taylor is the chick in sunglasses instead of a snake like in Reputation’s theming. A more vulnerable branding?

—Today is 4/20. Tomorrow is Easter. Hence, stoned chickens.

—Taylor is working on Cats right now. Cats eat chicks. Connection?

—Somehow a confirmation of Kaylor. Everything always is.

What Do the Chickens in Sunglasses Even Mean, Taylor?