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Jenna Fischer Unearths This Behind-the-scenes Office Video, Where She Really Wants Amy Adams’s Hair

There are a lot of things to giggle at in this Office video blog that Jenna Fischer shared on social media this morning, so much so that we’re willing to forgo the fact that it’s technically been lurking on the internet for over a decade. But who cares: They’re all on that booze cruise, baby! The shores of Lake Wallenpaupack are blessed with the Dunder Mifflin crew during the winter (to save money, obviously) in the beloved second-season episode, and Fischer was nice enough to just walk around the boat, dock, you name it, in the name of 2007 vlogging content. Brian Baumgartner insists he wants to be a “cinnamontographer.” Fischer says she wants Amy Adams’s ginger locks all to herself. Rainn Wilson serenades everyone with a Hall & Oates standard. The Dramamine patches are flowing like there’s no tomorrow.

Jenna Fischer Unearths This Behind-the-scenes Office Video