Allison Williams, Logan Browning, and a Meat Cleaver Star in The Perfection Trailer

The less you know about The Perfection going in, the better off you are. The horror movie unfurls like a series of increasingly deranged nesting dolls, but the general overview is as follows: A cello prodigy named Charlotte (Allison Williams) is forced to abandon her passion after a family tragedy strikes. She emerges years later to reconnect with her famed instructor, Anton (Steven Weber), who is now touring the world with another young star, Elizabeth (Logan Browning). As you can tell from the debut trailer, theirs is an extremely messed up reunion. Netflix snapped up The Perfection after a rowdy reception at Fantastic Fest last year, and we can safely say it is one of the most terrifying thrill rides you’ll go on this year — provided you have something of a strong stomach. Get your psychosexual cellist thrills on starting May 24.

Allison Williams Has a Meat Clever in The Perfection Trailer