Scott Rudin Is Producing a To Kill a Mockingbird Documentary for HBO

Photo: Julieta Cervantes

Tony season is heating up, which means everyone gets a movie or documentary or something. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, producer Scott Rudin (of this season’s To Kill a Mockingbird stage adaptation, as well as King Lear, The Waverly Gallery, Hillary and Clinton, and, Gary) revealed that he’s producing a two-hour documentary on To Kill a Mockingbird for HBO, likely to air this fall. The documentary wouldn’t just focus on the making of Aaron Sorkin’s stage adaptation — though that has a wild and litigious history — but would be a “wide-ranging examination of the novel and its impact,” including the controversial publication of Harper Lee’s sort-of-sequel Go Set a Watchman in 2015 and the 1962 Mockingbird film. With any luck on the producer’s behalf, the documentary will also cover the production’s (which has been selling very well on Broadway) numerous wins at the Tony’s, and maybe skip over its recent disputes with regional theaters. Please give us a walk-and-talk interview with Sorkin himself, and track it to his favorite tune, “Joy Cometh in the Morning.”

Scott Rudin Producing To Kill a Mockingbird Doc for HBO