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The Chambers Trailer Will Make You Uncheck That Donor Box at the DMV

Every organ donor is a hero, but in the case of the new Netflix series Chambers, they might also be in families who will stalk the recipients of life-saving body parts to keep their dead loved ones close. That’s the very pared-down version of what’s happening in this new and extremely disturbing trailer for Netflix’s new series Chambers. Sivan Alyra Rose plays Sasha, a young woman who suffers a heart attack but is saved by a heart donation from a girl named Becky Lefevre. Sasha and her father are so grateful to the Lefevre family, and promise to honor the memory of their deceased child, but the seemingly gracious (and heavily grieving) Lefevre household are those kind of icy rich white people you should stay far, far away from in a horror show or movie. There are evil visions and what seem like troubling rituals and Tony Goldwyn doing aggressive breath exercises, and Sasha is generally in a whole lot of new trouble thanks to that heart beating in her chest. Uma Thurman co-stars as Mrs. Lefevre, and honestly she looks very frightening. Chambers starts streaming on April 26.

The Chambers Trailer Will Make You Uncheck Donor Box at DMV