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The Dead Don’t Die Trailer: Protect Your Braaaaaains, Bill Murray and Adam Driver!

Take Shaun of the Dead and up its hipster quotient by about 1000 percent, and you have the latest addition to Jim Jarmusch’s canon. The zombies are on the loose and thirsty for Chardonnay in The Dead Don’t Die, a horror flick that revolves around a few eccentric suburbanites dealing with an inconvenient invasion of the undead: Bill Murray and Adam Driver are the sheriffs tasked with figuring out what the hell is going on, Tilda Swinton is a mortician with a penchant for samurai swords, and Selena Gomez is just, well, hanging around. Don’t be the final girl, girl! It’ll hit theaters June 14.

The Dead Don’t Die Trailer: Protect Your Brain, Bill Murray!