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Issa Rae Redefines Luxury on Desus & Mero

What is the epitome of glamour? The definition of luxury, class, and wealth? Doing yacht shit. On Desus & Mero, Issa Rae described her motivation for her summer yacht parties thusly: “I just tweeted one day that I wanted to do yacht shit. And then I realized yo, I can do that!” There is no greater feeling in this world than realizing you are now able to do yacht shit. Besides yacht shit, Rae is using her newfound power to help her community and produce things for other people. She said she’s inspired by the legacy of Nipsey Hussle, and wants to invest more in L.A. Issa Rae will be the rising tide to lift everyone to the yacht level.

Watch: Issa Rae Redefines Luxury on Desus & Mero