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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11, Episode 5: We Have Thoughts

Photo: VH1

They were sewing in the workroom late one night / when our eyes beheld an eerie sight / For a mermaid look from her slab began to rise / And suddenly to our surprise — the bitch actually walked down the runway in that monstrosity. We did the tuck. We did the What the Tuck. Okay, song parody over. That was last week. This week — we’re having a ball, honey! A spooky ball!

On this episode, our What the Tuck hosts — Vulture’s very own Drag Race recapper and one half of Las Culturistas, Matt Rogers, and Horny 4 Horror co-host Mano Agapion — put on their bloodiest wigs and then proceed to take them off, as if to suggest that we’re getting serious. There were 33 runway looks and 33 questions raised. Questions like, who was scary in a good way, and what was scary in a bad way? Why didn’t more contestants really stand out? What does it mean that Yvie didn’t win a challenge made for her? What was Ariel thinking? How cute are Brooke Lynn and Vanjie? Did the queens use the right outfits for the right category? And, at this point, who are the front-runners for top four? And you know we answer them all and more, honey, so click that blue triangle and let’s get into it.

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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11, Episode 5: We Have Thoughts