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Gemini Man Trailer: It’s Boomer Will Smith Vs. Millennial Will Smith

Hey, reader, Hollywood heard that you like Will Smith. So it put a Will Smith next to a Will Smith in a universe where the space-time continuum won’t be altered by two Will Smiths. Time to partaaaay! Such is the plot of Ang Lee’s newest epic, Gemini Man, which finds the best assassin in the world (Smith!) being targeted by a young and hip operative who can seemingly predict every single move in his playbook (also Smith!). Confused? Allow him to explain via a monologue to the baddie: “You made a person out of another person? Then you sent me to kill him? You made a choice to do this to me!” Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go to the theaters on October 11.

Gemini Man Trailer: Boomer Will Smith Vs. Gen-Y Will Smith