YG Pushes Back His Surprise Album Out of Respect for Nipsey Hussle

Photo: Randall Michelson/Getty Images for Ignite

Nipsey Hussle’s longtime friend and collaborator YG announced on Twitter that he was delaying a surprise album release in the wake of Hussle’s murder. “I was dropping a Surprise album April 12th But man. Now that we gotta deal with Big bro goin to heaven I will not drop the album this month,” he wrote. “Pushing it to May, Sorry! LONG LIVE @NipseyHussle my brother from the other color!” Earlier today YG also posted a remembrance on Instagram. “I took so long to post you kuz I Kant believe this shit, I don’t wanna believe this shit. I’m not never accepting it. IDGAF what nobody say. It wasn’t yo time to go I’m lost homie,” he wrote. “We had so much shit in the works.” He referenced television shows and a joint album the two had been working on together.

YG Pushes Back Surprise Album After Nipsey Hussle Murder