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Always Be My Maybe Trailer: The Randall Park–Ali Wong Rom-com Is Here

Do do doop! Do do doop do doop da dum! The rom-com we asked for — nay, demanded — is finally happening: Sometimes one old friend is secretly in love with another old friend, but it takes him a while to get his shit together and tell her how he feels. That’s the case in Always Be My Maybe, Netflix’s latest romantic comedy, from the “highly fertile mind” of Ali Wong. Sasha (Wong) is a celebrity chef on top of the world, but as her engagement to a mean Daniel Dae Kim starts to crumble, she runs into her friend and ex Marcus (Randall Park). Will they get back together? Will he ever tell her how he really feels? Will Keanu Reeves and his “insane, freaky-ass sex” get in the way of everything? We’ll see when Always Be My Maybe releases on Netflix and in select theaters on May 31.

Always Be My Maybe Trailer: Randall Park and Ali Wong Flirt