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Amazon Reportedly Returned the Rights to Woody Allen’s New Movie to Woody Allen

Photo: Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images

Amazon Studios apparently left the tags on Woody Allen’s Selena Gomez–Timothée Chalamet movie, A Rainy Day in New York, and returned the movie to its director. An “individual close to the project” has told Variety that the studio returned domestic rights to the (beleaguered) release to its (beleaguered) director. “The film had been stuck in the mire of litigation with his former creative partners at Amazon,” Variety reports, “but Allen is now free to proceed with any domestic release elsewhere as he sees fit.”

A Rainy Day in New York, about an undergraduate couple’s weekend trip to New York City and the romantic entanglements that ensue, is the subject of Allen’s $68 million lawsuit against Amazon. Allen’s legal complaint says there “simply was no legitimate ground for Amazon to renege on its promises” to release the film; Amazon says renewed attention to allegations that Allen molested his daughter Dylan Farrow and Allen’s own comments about the larger #MeToo movement made the film impossible to market. Now that Allen has the rights to the film, he can work that out himself.

Amazon Returned the Rights to Woody Allen’s New Movie