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Surprise Presenter Amy Poehler Stops By Daytime Emmys to Give Judge Judy Lifetime Achievement Award

Judge Judy eats morons like you for breakfast, but luckily she wasn’t that hungry today, leaving you alive and well and able to see Amy Poehler’s surprise appearance at Sunday’s Daytime Emmy Awards, during which she presented Judge Judy Sheindlin with a Lifetime Achievement Award. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Poehler, a purported super fan, called Sheindlin “the Jewish mother we all want” and a great excuse to see television’s latest “confusing commercials for Bayer aspirin,” in addition to praising her lengthy television career. Joked Poehler, “I wish Byrd your bailiff could hand you this award like he hands you photos in court: not making eye contact with the queen he has sworn to protect.”

During her acceptance speech, Judge Judy subsequently crushed a sweet impromptu monologue about Poehler, who, again, no one reportedly knew would even be in attendance. “Amy Poehler has been called a lot of things: a producer, a director, an actress, a comedian, a mom,” said Sheindlin. “Tonight, she’s a mensch, and my new BFF.” Only Judy can judge us, but we’re going to go ahead and judge this bit a full success.

Amy Poehler Stops By Daytime Emmys to Award Judge Judy