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Céline Dion Originally Thought the Met Gala’s Theme Was Literally About Camping

Photo: 2019 Getty Images

Part of the adventure of watching every Met Gala is seeing who fully understood the homework assignment and who just ended up deciding between “I want to look pretty!” and “I want to do the most.” Céline Dion is never one to disappoint in any context that is even remotely pageantlike, but as she explained on the Met carpet this evening, she didn’t really get what the theme, “An Exploration of Camp,” means. And listen, there is a language barrier here: Dion has spent much of her life in the U.S., but she’s still French Canadian. We will forgive her for misunderstanding the concept of camp — especially considering how widely debated the meaning is anyway. Besides, her first thought was apparently that the Met Gala would be about camping in nature — and setting out in the woods with tents to sit by a campfire with Céline Dion sounds incredibly charming.

As you can see in the video above, Dion and her team decided camp was about “luxurious and antique” and “timeless” and “all those feathers.” Which, sure. Why not. Maybe that’s not specifically camp, but this is the woman who once used a shoe as a phone, so we’ll allow it.

Céline Dion Thought Met Gala Theme Was About Camping