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Conan O’Brien and Stephen Colbert Have an Uncomfortably Close Chat

On last night’s Late Show, there was a meeting of the late-night minds when Stephen Colbert caught up with Conan O’Brien — but he made them do it all in the form of a new (and debasing for O’Brien) installment of “Personal Space,” in which they both stick their heads in a small cardboard box then have an awkwardly close conversation. “What have you learned over 25 years that I haven’t learned in 14 years? What’s the next 11 years? What am I going to learn? What do I need to know about having the longevity that you have?” Colbert asks O’Brien, seeking some handy late-night-host wisdom. “You’re gonna learn: Never humiliate a guest,” O’Brien tells him before staring directly at the camera inside the box. After some hair-brushing, forced crying, and Irish singing, the two start to run out of oxygen and things get even more awkward. “I haven’t been able to think straight for about 30 seconds,” O’Brien says. “I just saw my grandfather, and he passed in 1976. Could someone call 911?”

Conan and Colbert Have an Uncomfortably Close Chat