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Busy Philipps Brought to Tears by a Surprise Letterman Pep Talk

Busy Philipps’s late-night show Busy Tonight was recently canceled by E! and airs its final episode tonight. While Philipps has said that they plan to shop the show around at other networks, she received a much-needed boost during last night’s episode in the form of a surprise message of encouragement from fellow late-night alum David Letterman. “I love your show. You do a great job; it’s a great show,” Letterman said, which prompted Philipps’s eyes to start welling up with tears. “People tell me that you’re leaving E! and I say, ‘Eh, too bad for E!’ That’s what I say. You’ll end up someplace else and continue doing a great job for somebody else, and then E! can just, you know, suck it.” Letterman also vowed to show up as a guest on Philipps’s new show once she’s found a home in a “new neighborhood,” so hopefully that encourages another network to scoop Busy Tonight up immediately.

Busy Philipps Tears Up During Surprise Letterman Pep Talk