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Downton Abbey Trailer: The Royals Are Coming! The Royals Are Coming!

Just when you thought Downton Abbey’s estate had endured every single ball, parade, luncheon, and soap-adjacent catastrophe a British noble family could possibly be subjected to in the early 20th century, enter stage left … the king and queen of England! The royals’ impending arrival serves as the catalyst to reunite us with the Granthams in the film revival, although, admittedly, they might not be so prepared to host: Money’s pretty tight for them these days — always say no to railroad investments — and Carson, the HBIC, retired years ago. “No maid, no valet, no nanny, even!” Lord Grantham shrieks. “Downton Abbey is the heart of this community!” Anna advises. Good thing Lady Mary entices Carson to come back for one last hoorah, although she might be too preoccupied with her decision to maybe leave the estate to get anything done. The film will be released in September.

Downton Abbey Trailer: The Royals Are Coming!