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Elizabeth Warren’s Secret Campaign Video

Featured Funny Video: Elizabeth Warren: A Biting Chance

As the 2020 presidential race heats up, Elizabeth Warren has taken to guerrilla campaigning with the first installment in what we imagine may be a new cooking series called Elizabeth Warren: A Biting Chance. (Weird, right? We’re just as surprised.) Warren is out to show her critics that she’s a lot more than a Pocahontas punch line, and that whether she’s on the Senate floor or in her kitchen, she’s got policy on the brain.

Wait a second, that isn’t Elizabeth Warren working the burners, it’s comedian Molly Erdman doing a truly top-notch Warren impression for what amounts to … tens of people at this point. She needs more love from her pasta-loving, populous peeps!

Erdman nails Warren’s look and cadence while delivering partisan barbs thinly veiled as cooking tips. She sets up the recipe for her “The System Is Rigged-atoni” by saying, “You own a restaurant and charge people to eat there? Good for you. But I’m sick of predatory restaurants taking advantage of my inability to cook for myself.”

Is the comedy here as simple as the pasta she’s boiling up? Sure, and it goes down juuust as smooth.

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Elizabeth Warren’s Secret Campaign Video