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Avengers: Endgame Squares Off Against Game of Thrones in SNL’s Family Feud

Gamora and Nebula must be furious over not making the cut. Saturday Night Live knows the only two things you’ve been talking or thinking about for weeks, so they pitted the super-friends of Avengers: Endgame against the complicated family histories of Game of Thrones for a very special episode of Family Feud with Steve Harvey. You’d think between Bran’s greensight and the Avengers’ every superpower imaginable, someone would be able to come up with a few more guesses for commonly cited bucket-list goals. On the other hand, way fewer incest jokes in this sketch than we would have guessed. Like, shockingly few, considering. Good on ya, SNL.

Endgame Takes on Game of Thrones in SNL’s Family Feud