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Long Live the Guy Who Plays Euron Greyjoy’s Instagram

Wow, yes. Photo: pilouasbaek/Instagram

Last night on Game of Thrones, many grim things of various degrees of grimness took place. Daenerys torched most of King’s Landing (very bad!). Cersei and Jaime Lannister found each other again and then were crushed by rubble (morally complicated by bad considering Cersei’s whole arc!). The Cleganebowl happened (hooray?). But most importantly to me, specifically, as someone who has disassociated from actual emotional investment in Game of Thrones to preserve my own sanity, we lost my boy, my guy, the No. 1 looniest character on the show, Euron Greyjoy. RIP to a true hero, and by that I mean someone willing to experiment with medieval-era eyeliner options so as to best resemble that guy who hits on you at various bars in Bushwick.

Euron went out in true Euron fashion: After successfully killing one of Dany’s dragons last episode, he miraculously lost his ability to aim his big old scorpion (because Dany figured out she could fly at him with the sun behind her, I guess?), and had his entire fleet creamed by dragon fire. But of course Euron clung on, washed ashore, and then tried to take on Jaime Lannister in one-on-one combat, claiming that he had killed Jaime (incorrect, that honor belongs to a bunch of rocks) even as he lay there dying on the beach. Euron: a true believer that passion matters more than facts.

As we all — or maybe just I — mourn Euron’s passing, at least we have one thing to comfort us: Pilou Asbæk, the guy who played Euron, also known as Danish Joshua Jackson, has a very good Instagram. Consider this photo he posted after last night’s episode:

First of all, incredible thigh work. Also, clever location tag with “heaven” (if the gay-bar bit gets your hopes up, he’s currently with a woman). Finally, the use of hashtags is amusing, because yes, we also would be up for Euron spinoff — and again, when I write “we,” I mean “I.”

If you would like more Euron Instagram content, there’s also this photo — tagged at the “Dragon Grill Express” — of Asbæk and friends celebrating in front of a green screen after pretending to kill Rhaegal. Hashtag Team Greyjoy!

He also appreciates a good meme, which is very appealing.

You might also know Asbæk from his work on Danish political drama Borgen, where he played a much less murderous character who nevertheless had a dark past. Darkness is kind of his speciality, but as you can tell, he should also be allowed to do some comedies — preferably in English, so that we would be more likely to watch them. Anyway, here is a good photo of him with a cat, which can only lead us to a conclusion I have said before and will say again: Pilou Asbæk? More like Pilou Asbaek!

Long Live the Guy Who Plays Euron Greyjoy’s Instagram