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The Horniest GIFs of Fleabag’s Hot Priest to Disclose at Your Next Confession

Photo: Steve Schofield/Amazon

Let the proverbial white smoke rise out of your chimneys, you sinners, because the reign of the hot pope is dead. Long live the hot priest! Fleabag’s second season answered our prayers by introducing such a foxy man of the cloth, who’s portrayed by none other than Sherlock baddie Andrew Scott — he guzzles gin and tonics, fanboys at the finest Italian cassocks money can buy, and, oh yeah, he fucks. Christ on a cracker, this priest fucks! Not that we’re a bunch of horned-up heathens or anything, but we couldn’t help but GIF the sexiest Hot Priest moments from the season for your viewing pleasure. You can thank us — or blame us — at your next confession.

He’s not a normal priest. He’s a cool priest who smokes.

He also says things like “well, fuck you then.”

We think we love the Hot Priest more than he loves his “G&Ts.”

Let the power of Christ compel you to accept his Bible!

Also, let the power of Christ compel you to do some eye-fucking.

Project Runway: Piazza San Pietro.

We would take any of these open chairs.

He’s a savior to cute and cuddly rodents everywhere.

There’s a critical essay to be written about how he, and only he, can break Fleabag’s fourth walls, but until then: Surprise!

Does this tasteful stole turn you on?

“Awake, north wind, and come, south wind! Blow on my garden, that its fragrance may spread everywhere. Let my beloved come into his garden and taste its choice fruits.” —Song of Songs 4:16

That. Slight. Smirk.

His cassock booty won’t be gone for long.

Right on schedule…

“Some juice squeezed from my pomegranates.” —Song of Songs 8:2

Good morning, sunshine.

What would the cardinals make of this behavior!

One more look at those robes for the road.

Farewell, and watch out for the foxes, you Hot Priest.

Horny GIFs of Fleabag’s Hot Priest for Your Next Confession