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Which Final Season Said It: Game of Thrones or The Big Bang Theory?

Two annoying boys. Photo: HBO and CBS

Two of the most astronomically successful shows of our Peak TV era, Game of Thrones and The Big Bang Theory, will end this week after a combined 20 seasons of dragons, bazingas, and tits. Their respective networks will weep at how this will gut their ratings, and we will weep too for other reasons. So, we decided to channel our melancholy into a very important, very difficult quiz to see how big a small-screen maestro you truly are. When we give you a sentence from either the GoT or TBBT final season — a sentence filled with some nouns, some adverbs, and, dare we say it, maybe even some adjectives — will you be able to pick the correct show? Take a deep breath, mutter “Soft Kitty is coming,” and try your luck.

So, Game of Thrones or Big Bang Theory?

Say “Bazinga!” to Westeros.

“We’re gonna give them hell.”
“Sounds like someone’s in there.”
“Look at you!”
“I have something that might help.”
“Stay back.”
“Men do stupid things for women.”
“Perhaps we should divide and conquer. Now, you track down all the citations and properly note them in our bibliography, and I will roll up my sleeves and decide what font we want to use.”
“Hello, mother.”
“Once or twice.”
“Nothing lasts.”
“Someone taller.”
“I remember everything I said.”
“A proposal is what I’m proposing. On the off chance that we survive the Night King, what if the Seven Kingdoms for once in their whole shit history were ruled by a just woman and an honorable man?”

Final Season Quote Quiz: Game of Thrones or Big Bang Theory?