The Game of Thrones Finale Checked In on Ghost, Thank God

Who’s a good boy? (Not you, Jon Snow.) Photo: HBO

This post contains spoilers.

Of the many things that happened in the big Game of Thrones finale Sunday night — Daenerys’s death! The proposal and quick rejection of democracy! — clearly one of the most important was a check-in with everyone’s favorite big good dog. After summarily rejecting Ghost in Winterfell without so much as a hug in last week’s episode, Jon Snow made his way back up north to join the Night’s Watch and got a reunion with his big good dog in the process. Now, we don’t get a full hug — that’d probably be too expensive for HBO’s budget — but we do get some really good petting and nuzzling. Plus, it’s nice that Jon got a reunion, something that probably makes up for a tiny sliver of the trauma endured by hooking up with and then having to kill your aunt.

After that short reunion, we got a brief shot of Ghost heading north past the Wall with Jon up into the very cold unknown. Given the defeat of the Night King, things are probably a little safer. But still, we demand that Ghost comes to no harm. The wolves have been through enough!

The Game of Thrones Finale Checked In on Ghost, Thank God