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Sophie Turner ‘Wasn’t Bummed at All’ About Sansa’s Game of Thrones Fate

Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO

Bran might technically be Game of Thrones’ new king, although we’d argue that Tyrion was the show’s real winner, but our girl Sansa also had a very noble conclusion to her winding journey: She was crowned as the newest queen in the North, vowing to reign over her subjects with some peace, love, and even a bit of understanding. (In her totally independent country!) Those who low-key wished she would be the recipient of the Iron Throne, though, don’t sweat it too much and maybe calm down with some bran muffins because noted Instagram expert Sophie Turner is just fine with where things concluded.

“I wasn’t bummed at all,” Turner told EW in a new interview. “Because ever since the end of season one, Sansa has not been about the capital or being queen. She doesn’t believe she could rule and doesn’t want to. She knows her place is in the North and she can rule the people of the North and rule Winterfell. She’d probably be capable of being queen of the Seven Kingdoms with the help of her family and advisors like Tyrion. But she has no desire to be ruler of all of the Seven Kingdoms.” And also no desire for death, either.

Sophie Turner ‘Wasn’t Bummed at All’ About Sansa’s Fate