Tits, Dragons, Spoilers: Game of Thrones’ Next Episode Accidentally Leaks

Photo: HBO

Well, here’s a solution that can save you [checks watch] eight hours of wait time and/or Winterfell cosplay prep if so inclined. Deadline has confirmed that various clips from the fourth episode of Game of Thrones’ current season — the episode that’ll be airing on HBO this evening at 9 p.m. — have leaked hours ahead of its scheduled time. As such, there are thousands of pirated videos currently circulating on the web at your disposal. (Deadline also has spoilers about what happens in the episode, which we’re declining to share here. You can click that above hyperlink if you don’t care, though.) Last month, Germany’s Amazon Prime prematurely released a GOT episode from this season — episode two’s “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms.” Get your Scheisse together!

Game of Thrones’ Next Episode Accidentally Leaks