nope nope nope!

At Least Game of Thrones Gave Us This One Perfect GIF

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

Maybe you’re happy about the final season of Game of Thrones. Maybe you’re sad. Maybe you’re just thrilled it’ll be over soon so we can all talk about the second season of Fleabag. Whatever you’re feeling, Sunday’s Game of Thrones,The Bells,” offered up a gift among all the fire and blood to help you feel better: this GIF of Cersei, who has finally realized that things are going very badly, silently running down the stairs and noping the fuck out. The Mountain and the Hound are about to crush each other, the city is falling to pieces, and Cersei just needs to … uh … excuse her, if she could just scoot around you, sorry, sorry, excuse me, okay bye!

It’s a beautiful, hilarious shot, the one funny moment in Sunday’s whole bleak spectacle. It’s appropriate for the furious commenters and the rhapsodic fans alike. It’s useful for Game of Thrones neophytes and Game of Thrones experts. It’s useful for anyone who needs a short, succinct way to express how they feel when the buffet line finally opens, or when they see an ex at a party, or when someone asks for volunteers to be on the party-planning committee.

Sure, Game of Thrones is ending. But at least we all got this amazing GIF as a parting present.

At Least Game of Thrones Gave Us This One Perfect GIF