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Justin Baldoni Officiated Gina Rodriguez’s Wedding in Jane the Virgin Subplot We Wish Were Real

Photo: Gina Rodriguez/Instagram

Gina Rodriguez, not Jane Gloriana Villanueva, got married to her non-Hollywood boyfriend over the weekend, and the duo looked beyond lovely in a wedding video released by Rodriguez in celebration. But wait, who’s that officiating the ceremony? Is it … it can’t be. It’s Rafael the baby daddy! Ackkkk! Or rather, it’s Justin Baldoni, the man who plays Rafael on Jane the Virgin, who just so happens to be in a very, very complex love triangle with Jane at this very moment. “To my husband Joseph, I am yours forever,” Rodriguez wrote on Instagram. “With that one kiss we got 100 new family members.” Nope, we’re not thinking about how totally devastated he is on the show right now.

Justin Baldoni Officiated Gina Rodriguez’s Swoony Wedding