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Behold, Hannah B.’s Top 4 Bachelorette Boys, As Chosen by Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel, a late-night host who’s definitely perused Reality a bunch of times but doesn’t want to admit it, has been predicting The Bachelorette’s winning dudes for years — or rather, “my wife does it, but I take credit for it, and we’ve correctly picked 11 out of the last 14 winners.” As such, our current leading lady, Hannah Brown, fulfilled her ABC contract and swung by the show to be subjected to a few minutes of spoiler torture by Kimmel, who’s convinced the final four will be Peter, Tyler G., Jed, and Luke P., with Jed as the ultimate winner. Kimmel might not like any of the men too much, but at least he’s asking the serious, who-did-you-bang questions.

Behold, Hannah’s Top 4 Bachelorette Men, As Chosen by Kimmel