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Werner Herzog Has Heard Paul F. Tompkins’s Impression of Him and He Has Some Notes

Photo: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Studio 360’s Kurt Anderson is asking the big questions. Namely, how do you feel about Paul F. Tompkins’s impression of Werner Herzog? This question should be asked of all potential presidential candidates, Miss America, and of course Herzog himself. Anderson interviewed Herzog about his new documentary, Meeting Gorbachev, and impressions of the Teutonic Intoner came up. Anderson just happened to have a clip of Tompkins on The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project on hand, and played it for Herzog. The snippet concerned a Yelp review Tompkins-as-Herzog had written for the Trader Joe’s on Hyperion in Los Angeles. “Well the accent could be better but it’s a very funny text,” the documentarian said. “That’s good stuff.” During the same interview, Herzog said he writes his narrations in the edit bay as he cuts a film together. He records them in the edit as well, with only his editor around to give feedback as to whether or not his ENL grammar makes sense. Also, he’s big into cat videos. Dang, someone contains multitudes!

Hear Werner Herzog React to Paul F. Tompkins’s Impression