Here’s an I Think You Should Leave Soundboard for All Your Stinky Car Needs

Pixar VFX artist and Botnik creative director Michael Frederickson has good soundboard ideas. Specifically, a soundboard of everyone’s favorite car-focus-group participant on I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson. Now if you need to tell someone that they have no good car ideas, or that they’re a teacher’s pet, or that they have to marry their mother-in-law, it’s a button-push away. The soundboard exclusively takes lines from Ruben Rabasa, an actor with a storied Spanish-language career. “He came in [for the audition] and just absolutely destroyed,” Robinson told Vulture in April. “He made us laugh so hard — so funny, and such great comic instincts.” Now those great comic instincts can be yours!

Here’s an I Think You Should Leave Stinky Car Guy Soundboard