James Holzhauer Soars Past $2 Million Mark With His 27th Jeopardy! Win

Watch your neck, Ken Jennings, because James Holzhauer is coming for it. Well, he’s been coming for it for a while now (and Ken honestly seems fine with the whole thing), but on Friday, the reigning Jeopardy! champion passed an important milestone in his hot pursuit of Jennings’s $2.5 million record with his 27th consecutive win.

By taking home $74,400, Holzhauer brought his winnings up to $2,065,535, making him only the second contestant to surpass the $2 million mark in regular season, non-tournament play. So cancel your Memorial Day plans (or, you know, an hour of them), because James will be squaring off against two new opponents come Monday, May 27.

James Holzhauer Passes $2 Million With 27th Jeopardy! Win