Jamie Foxx Messed Up On Live TV and We Feel So Alive

Photo: Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

Game of Thrones is over. SNL is done for the year. It’s easy to feel like we, the collective human race, will be hard pressed for unifying cultural experiences for a while. Enter Jamie Foxx as George Jefferson on Jimmy Kimmel’s live remakes of the Norman Lear sitcoms The Jeffersons and All In The Family. During one of his scenes on the very live show, which is also filmed in front of a very live studio audience, he began to flub a line. Instead of pushing through, Foxx decided to give America one more precious opportunity to gasp in unison, as he dropped the line and announced, “It’s live.” He then turned to the rest of the cast and broke character for a moment, adding, “Everyone sitting at home thinking their TV just messed up.” No, Mr. Foxx, we’re sure our televisions are working just as we hope they always will.

Jamie Foxx Messed Up On Live TV & We Feel So Alive