Who Hurt Jonathan Van Ness!?

Photo: Monica Schipper/FilmMagic

All right, who did this to Jonathan Van Ness?! And what did you think this would stop him from attending the season-two premiere of HBO’s Big Little Lies? Or, did you think, “Well, of course he’ll still go to that, but maybe he’ll be forced to dress more casually?” Well, think again, evil ankle demons! Wednesday evening’s premiere event of the hit HBO drama saw Van Ness hobble-strutting down the red carpet dressed to the nines and on crutches. The Queer Eye star told interviewers it was “a little baby sprain,” so hopefully he’ll be back up and strutting soon. After all, he has a memoir coming out this fall, which means there’s a book tour to choreograph!

Who Hurt Jonathan Van Ness?!