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Leslie Jones Reflects on Game of Thrones Finale in Late Night’s Very Last ‘Game of Jones’

Are you among the many fans who absolutely hated Sunday’s Game of Thrones series finale? If so, Leslie Jones has a refreshing new beverage for you to try. “I think they need to take a big glass of Grow the Fuck Up,” the SNL star explained on Late Night With Seth Meyers Thursday. “Because Game of Thrones is not real.”

That being said, if you’re bummed about the end of GOT, you’re probably not too thrilled by the finale of “Game of Jones,” Leslie and Seth’s semi-regular viewing party, either. But all good things must come to an end, and Leslie Jones still has plenty of important riffs to close things out. “This is the story about a one-handed fuckboi, who left me out in the snow in my housecoat,” Jones says, summarizing Brienne’s written eulogy for Jaime Lannister. “He took my virginity and just rode off with one hand.”

Leslie Jones Reflects on GOT Finale in Last ‘Game of Jones’