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Liam Cunningham Brings Conan O’Brien the Most Rare of Game of Thrones Souvenirs

The coolest part of being on Game of Thrones — aside from the career fulfillment and lifelong friendships and memories or whatever has got to be taking home props. And it turns out Liam Cunningham’s years of portraying the notorious smuggler Ser Davos Seaworth have finally paid off. While he may have been joking about the Starbucks cup he claims to have brought Conan directly from its unfortunate appearance (and now disappearance) on the show, he’s definitely not kidding around with the haul he now has hanging on his “wall of awesome” at home. It includes but is probably not limited to: a Dothraki sword, his finger-bone bag (of course), and Shireen’s stag. All stuff you can probably get at Comic Con, but his was free.

Liam Cunningham Brings Conan A Rare Game of Thrones Souvenir