Mean Girls Musical Casts 19-Year-Old Jimmy Awards Winner Reneé Rapp As Regina George

Burn, baby, burn. Photo: Jeremy Daniel

Soon, all of Broadway will be musicals about teens that also star teens. Broadway’s Mean Girls musical has cast 19-year-old Reneé Rapp as the villainous queen bee Regina George, replacing Taylor Louderman, who was nominated for a Tony for her performance. Last year, Rapp won Best Actress at the high-school musical competition known as the Jimmy Awards, a show obsessed over both by Vulture employees and apparently Broadway casting directors (Andrew Barth Feldman, who won Best Actor at the 2018 Jimmys, is currently starring in Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway). In a report for Vulture, Jimmys enthusiast Natalie Walker said Rapp’s performance of “It All Falls Down” from Chaplin during the show would be “prompting the stars of Mean Girls to collectively start sleeping with one eye open,” which, at this point, we feel like we deserve some sort of headhunting bonus for this work. Rapp will step in for Louderman during her planned absence from June 7 to June 26 and then take over full time starting September 10. At the Jimmy Awards this year, we look forward to meeting the future teen stars of Be More Chill and King Lear (gender-blind casting was the past, age-blind casting is the future).

Mean Girls Musical Casts 19-Year-Old Reneé Rapp As Regina