met gala 2019

This Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry Bathroom Video Is 15 Seconds of Pure Awkwardness

We have a classic American Idol versus World of Dance judge showdown on our hands, folks! Somewhere between showing off their finest camp lewks on the Met Gala’s red carpet and bowing down to the altar of Cher, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez crossed paths in one of the museum’s notoriously drab bathrooms — Perry to change costumes, and Lopez to, we don’t know, polish her bling? Either way, J.Lo seems pretty unamused by being filmed by Perry’s friend, which leads to this enjoyable narration. “We got to go, Katy; we got to go,” her pal implores in the video, as Perry wiggles into a bun crevice. “Hi, J.Lo.” It’s just like Planet Earth, but 10,000 percent fancier!

This J.Lo and Katy Perry Video Is 15 Seconds of Awkwardness