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Black Mirror Season 5 Trailers: Talking Dolls, Car Chases, and Miley Cyrus!

We should know by now that Black Mirror trailers have studied at the esteemed Matthew Weiner School of Misdirection, but for season five, Netflix is throwing us a (technologically spooky) bone. Put your phone in airplane mode! Or better yet, smash it into smithereens! Because as these new trailers reveal for the three-episode new season, tech will be the cruel mistress that accelerates our demise as a civilization. But we love it anyway.

As seen in the trailer above, Miley Cyrus plays a fragile pop star on a whole lot of meds in “Rachel, Jake, and Ashley, Too” who starts selling creepy robot dolls of herself to fans. (The results are … mixed at best.)

Andrew Scott, seen in the trailer below, is an Uber driver gone homicidal in “Smithereens” who decides to get revenge on the smartphone industry by holding one of its top employees hostage.

Meanwhile, Anthony Mackie, who is going through a midlife (and mid-wife) crisis in “Striking Vipers,” experiences a series of unfortunate events after reuniting with an old college friend.

All three new Black Mirror episodes will drop on Netflix June 5. Until then, do not put random devices in your cerebrum.

Black Mirror Season 5 Trailers: Weird Dolls and Miley Cyrus