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What/If Trailer: Scary Tech Investor Renée Zellweger Has an Indecent Proposal for You

Sure, she has a Judy Garland biopic coming soon, but the Renéesance wouldn’t be complete without also giving Renée Zellweger her own spooky Netflix limited series. In What/If, Zellweger plays a mysterious OA-esque tech investor who offers all sorts of aspiring people lectures on the risks that come with greatness. Specifically, she gives Jane Levy and Blake Jenner the kind of indecent proposal seen in An Indecent Proposal: Would a night alone with your husband be enough to finance your company? It’s all very Faustian, by way of Fifty Shades, and we assume exactly the way Uber got financing, too. What/If premieres May 24.

What/If Trailer: Renée Zellweger Has an Indecent Proposal