sexy oklahoma!

Dark, Sexy Oklahoma! Releases Very Dark, Very Sexy Music Video

I’m just saying, in order to keep the public’s hormones in check, we probably need to ban curly hair, Damon Daunno’s falsetto, guitars, Rebecca Naomi Jones’s quivering lips, dramatic lighting, and even microphones. It’s just all too much to take. The Broadway staging of Daniel Fish’s darkly reimagined version of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma! — a.k.a. Sexy Oklahoma!, a.k.a. Oklaheauxma!, a.k.a. a whole treatise of the darkness and violence residing in the American subconscious, a.k.a. they also serve chili, a.k.a. This Oklahoma Fucks! — has released a music video for the song “People Will Say We’re in Love,” and boy howdy does it fuck. We’ve got Curly (Tony nominee Damon Daunno) singing to Laurey (should’ve been a Tony nominee Rebecca Naomi Jones) with some awkward dancing and microphone fondling so sensual it should probably start its own ASMR channel.

If you’d like to listen to the full song, including some repartee between Curly and Laurey, they’ve also posted it online. This is also the production that gifted us with Ali Stroker’s “I Cain’t Say No,” so really there is much to be thankful for. Have a good Friday afternoon; I apologize for the fact that Damon Daunno’s pronunciation of “faaaavorite” will haunt you for the rest of the weekend, but not really.

Dark, Sexy Oklahoma! Releases Very Dark and Sexy Music Video